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October 2016

Cartilage: causes and symptomps of its decline

Cartilage is a very precious and delicate tissue. It is a connective tissue mainly composed of water, collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid. Its structure is extremely smooth and elastic, this kind of conformation allows a fluid movement of the different joints of our body. In detail, its fundamental aim is to assure movement’s processes without [...]

August 2016

Gonalgia: causes and symptoms

Knee pain (gonalgia) is one of the most common disorders of skeletal muscles. It is characterized by knee pain and often affects people who play sports or have an active lifestyle. Causes and symptoms The nerves that give sensitiveness to the knee and also to hip, thigh and ankles come from the lower back. For [...]

June 2016

Tendinitis: a clinical case

The inflammation of the Achilles tendon affects the largest tendon in the human body and is related to the back of the leg near the heel bone. If it is not properly treated, the mere inflammation can degenerate leading to the tendon rupture. Depending on which part of the tendon is inflamed, there are two [...]

May 2016

How to treat the ankle sprain?

This year we will be in Bologna from 18th to 21st May to attend the 20th edition of Exposanità. To make the wait more pleasant, we share with you a clinical case where endodiathermy, which is a technology that you will find at the trade fair in its latest generation version, was used. The new [...]

April 2016

The pectineus strain: a combined approach

Electro-medical devices are not only instruments for the integration of manual physiotherapy treatments and the creation of a wider rehabilitation therapeutic program, but also instruments that can be effectively combined to treat the different stages of a series of sessions. Let's see a case study where tecar, laser and ultrasounds are combined.   The muscular [...]

February 2016

  • Trattamenti-Magnetoterapia EME srl

Clinical Study: Injury for accidental fall and multi-fragmented fracture

Injury for accidental fall and multi-fragmented proximal comminuted fracture of the epiphysis of radius and ulna in the upper-right arm.

Magnetotherapy: for bone fractures and osteoporosis

Scientific literature and clinical evidence prove the validity of magnetotherapy as a tool for the stimulation of the healing process of bone fractures, in osteoporosis treatment and in the case of the bone callus delayed formation.

January 2016

Laser 1064 nm for the bedsores’ treatment

Bedsores, or ulcers, are lesions of the skin and of the deeper tissues (caused by the pressure for a substantial period), which reduces or, in severe cases, stops the blood flow in the affected area. The most of the people who are affected by this disease, and also those most at risk, are undoubtedly the [...]

Sciatica: causes and treatment

Do you have leg pain that stretches from the back down to the calf or foot? This may be an inflammation of the sciatic nerve: the sciatica. The term sciatica means precisely the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the longest one in the human body which originates from the sacral plexus and innervate, through its [...]

December 2015

  • disc herniation EME Physio

How to treat disc herniation with high power laser

The herniated disc is the result of a spill of pulpy material from intervertebral discs. When the capacity of this ring decreass causing pain.