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April 2016

The pectineus strain: a combined approach

Electro-medical devices are not only instruments for the integration of manual physiotherapy treatments and the creation of a wider rehabilitation therapeutic program, but also instruments that can be effectively combined to treat the different stages of a series of sessions. Let's see a case study where tecar, laser and ultrasounds are combined.   The muscular [...]

December 2015

Trochanteric bursitis: What it is and how to treat it

The trochanteric bursitis is a femur inflammation; its name belongs to its effects on the mocous bursitis of the greater trochanter.

October 2015

  • flip flop

Flip-flops? Only in small doses

We are confident that the majority of these addresses to you as physiotherapists to solve a problem at the heel and Achilles tendon, posing in the studio accompanied by their inseparable flip flops!

September 2015

  • Tecar-blog

Tecar: Do you transmit its value?

Evaluating the different techniques and operational methods, the therapist must be able to convey the value of treatment to the customer and invite him to behaviors that can help to improve healing and prevent future problems.