Injury for accidental fall and multi-fragmented proximal comminuted fracture of the epiphysis of radius and ulna in the upper-right arm. Patient: 59 year-old woman.

“During the first three days the patient was treated with springs bandage immobilization. Four days after the injury, the patient underwent surgery with the removal of the multif-fragmented radial capital, the stabilization of the fracture with the introduction of K-wires and the ulna coupling , and she was immobilized with plaster cast. One month later, the radial K-wire was removed.
Plaster radiographic examinations performed 1 and 2 months after the surgery confirmed a non-union with movement of the fracture fragments in the ulna.
Two months later, the plaster cast was removed and a cautious and assisted active and passive rehabilitation was performed.  As drug therapy, the patient took bisphosphonates 1 cps a week and calcium in drops.

Three months later, the patient underwent a stimulation with PEMF with Magnetomed  device with the following parameters:

  • 25 gauss
  • 75 hz
  • Duration of the stimulation of around 60 minutes.

The treatment was carried out over one month and the formation of the bone callus notably improved“.