How many of you see the number increase of patients at the end of summer?
We are confident that the majority of these addresses to you as physiotherapists to solve a problem at the heel and Achilles tendon, posing in the studio accompanied by their inseparable flip flops!

It is these flat shoes without arch support to promote issues to the foot and lower limbs that are accentuated after the summer months. Walking without a hint of heel and without arch support cause many problems to our body.

We start with the foot, which is affected by a lack of support to the plantar arch and that in the majority of cases, decreases its natural arcing. The plantar fascia becomes inflamed and began the first aches and pains in the heel. Initially, the patient does not pay attention to the pain that receives under the fibroadipose bearing that separates and protects the bone of the heel from the ground,he only notices the problem when the pain is persistent and it is too late!

Not only the foot is affected by a non optimal shoe, but also the calcaneus and especially the Achilles tendon are. The Achilles tendon becomes inflamed, it can develop calcification, bursitis and further develop plantar fasciitis. All these issues can cause further problems down in the upper body as pain in the spine and bad posture. For this reason it is good to educate people on the use of proper footwear and on the importance of an analgesic therapy.

The physical therapist can help the patient to soothe and resolve the issue with the appropriate exercises and technology treatments such as endodiatermia and shockwave. The first technology is useful for pain relief and reducing inflammation. With the shock wave instead, you can counter calcifications, stimulate microcirculation and local tissue metabolism to aid the healing.
The first results with these treatments are noticeable after the second or third session but it is good to make it clear to the patient that, although no longer he feels pain, it takes at least 7 sessions in order to solve the problem and prevent a relapse.