Knee pain (gonalgia) is one of the most common disorders of skeletal muscles. It is characterized by knee pain and often affects people who play sports or have an active lifestyle.

Causes and symptoms

The nerves that give sensitiveness to the knee and also to hip, thigh and ankles come from the lower back. For this reason, knee pain can be linked to both knee inflammation and inflammation of one aforementioned areas.

Recognizing a knee pain on time is critical to intervene and treat the disorder properly. The main symptoms are:

  • Strong knee pain due to inflammation or any infection
  • Swelling and bruising in the affected area, a sign of the presence of fluid accumulation in the knee

The pain that you feel can be either acute, caused by injury or infection, or chronic, related to injury or inflammations such as arthritis. Before coming to rush conclusions or making wrong self-diagnosis, it is good to be examined by doctor, who will adequately assess the situation and prescribe the right treatment.

Case study

The patient suffered from right knee pain without an evident underlying cause and his muscle strength was complete AAII. 6/7 sessions with Crystal Yag laser therapy were prescribed, without any surgery interventions or drug therapies. After 6 sessions with the increasing laser pulse (from 20 to 30), power from 8.5 to 9 and the decreasing frequency (from 30 to 20), knee pain was successfully treated and the patient could return to her normal activities.