Electrotherapy uses the biological effects obtained by electrical energy for therapeutic purposes and consists
of electric currents which are passed through the part of the body concerned.

Electrotherapy is used in order to stimulate denervated muscle, to reduce the hypotrophy due to the non-use of the muscle normal-innervated,
to maintain the muscular trophism of the denervated muscle or partially innervated, to strengthen the innervated muscle.
It is possible to use the programs on the different channels, or to differentiate them,
use them in parallel, alternated, simultaneous and in sequence: a wide range of possibilities.
All devices can be connected to the Vacuum module.

  • Therapic 9200 – 9400

    EME-Electrotherapy equipment-Therapic9200
    • Display Color Touch&Scroll 6’
    • 9200(2 Output Channels) – 9400(4 Output channels)
    • 100 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and 80 more in the Smart Card
    • Connection to ultrasounds
    • Current Delivered: Low / Medium Frequency, Curve i/t

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When must electrotherapy be used?

  • Training the neuro-muscular system to properly respond during voluntary and involuntary effort by providing an active contraction
  • Modulation of pain by the gate control mechanism or mechanisms of descending inhibition.
  • Control or reduction of spasticity by agonist stimulation (contraction/relaxation), antagonists (reciprocal inhibition) or motor inhibition sense.
  • Provide to the trans-dermal release of medicinal substances into the skin (Ionophoresis)
  • Improve or maintain joint mobility through mechanical stretching of the connective system and muscles
  • Promote wound healing by increasing local circulation, providing a bactericidal effect or alternating electric charges in the injured area.
  • Delay or resolving edema through muscle pump or the effect of electric charges on the interstitial proteins (phenomenon of electric fields).