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High Power Laser HPLS

//High Power Laser HPLS

Our high power laser systems have a wavelength that ranges between 810 and 1064 nm.

Thanks to the high power supplied, it allows the stimulation of the deep layers of the tissue, thus facilitating a quick and widespread cellular regeneration.
It is indicated for sport traumatology, rheumatic pathologies, physical rehabilitation, general medicine and dermatology.
The use of high power lasers allows the user to obtain excellent therapeutic results, considerably reducing treatment times.

  • Crystal YAG Desk

    • Desktop device
    • Display touch screen 8’
    • Wavelength 1064 nm
    • Max absorption power 75 VA
    • Maximum continuous peak power 12W
    • Continuous and pulsed emission modes
  • Bipower Lux 12 W

    • Desktop device
    • Display touch screen 8’
    • Wavelength 810+980 nm
    • Power 12W
    • Continuous and pulsed operating modes
    • 32 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and 4gb in the USB
  • Vikare 8W

    • Desktop device
    • Display touch screen 6’
    • Wavelength 940 nm
    • Power 8W
    • Continuous and pulsed operating modes
    • 32 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and 200 in the Smart Card

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When must the high power laser be used?

  • Contusion, bursitis, tendinitis
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Deep penetration
  • Fast tissue regeneration
  • Biostimulating effect

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