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Motus Vitae

//Motus Vitae

A new concept, like no one else has ever done before, to meet the needs of functional rehabilitation and the recovery of subjects with reduced motor conditions.

Motus vitae, from the Latin “movement of life”, represents a real turning point in functional rehabilitation. A system that uses 6 types of movement to improve life at 360 degrees. A circuit composed of devices, governed by latest generation software and hardware, which allow people with low motor skills to recover the initial condition – in the event that the motor deficit is due to trauma or disease – or, in the case of elderly subjects, to counteract the natural physiological decay and exploit the benefits of motion for a better quality of life.

6 movement modes:
– C.P.M. Continuous Passive Motion
– C.A.M. Continuous Active Motion
– Isometric
– Isotonic
– Auxotonic
– Isokinetic


    • Allows you to engage the muscle groups of the lumbar and abdominal belt
    • Works concentric and eccentric mode on all types of patients
    • 3 modes of use: as Abdominal machine, as Low Back machine and in Dual Mode (push & pull)
    • 6 working modes
    • Control over R.O.M, speed and strength
    • Ability to create customized protocols
    • Connected to the Cloud
    • Active and passive safety systems

    • Compact and suitable for any environment (occupies 1,5 m²)
    • 6 modes of movement
    • Control 1000 times per second of force, speed and position
    • Easy access seat with adjustable backrest
    • Ergonomic and non-slip platform with foot stop system
    • Passive and active safety systems

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When to use Motus Vitae?

  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Recovery of the initial condition in patients with low motor ability
  • To counteract the physiological decay in the elderly
  • Improve the quality of life by taking advantage of the benefits of movement