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Polyter Evo - Modular Equipment

//Polyter Evo - Modular Equipment

Polyter-Evo-2018The Polyter Evo represents a revolution of the concept of physiotherapy device because it makes possible to insert up to 4 modules in the same trolley, to be chosen among:







A physiotherapy clinic at your fingertips! It’s the perfect device for sportive therapy and outdoor treatments. The battery allows the device to be operating for about 4 hours.

The professional cycling team BORA-hansgrohe and many other professional teams use Polyter Evo!


Jan-Niklas Droste, BORA-hansgrohe team’s doctor
“It is always good, if we have a TECAR device with us, for a faster regeneration and treatment of injuries of our riders at big races like the Tour de France. But with the EME Polyter Evo, we are not limited to the TECAR therapy. Thanks to the modular system of the Polyter, we can also use therapies like Ultrasound and EMS, depending on the race situation, if a rider crashes or if other problems appear. For us, as the medical team from BORA – hansgrohe, the Polyter Evo is the perfect All-In-One therapeutic and regenerative solution. We can take it easily with us to every race or trainings camp and thanks to the integrated battery pack, we can start treating our riders in our Team Bus, directly after they have passed the finish line, without the need of an external power supply.”

Jay-McCarthy-BORA-hansgrohe---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo Jay-McCarthy-BORA-hansgrohe---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo2 Jay-McCarthy-BORA-hansgrohe---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo3

Tiziano Giacobbi, physiotherapist of the San Marino’s Federation
“Polyter Evo is a device that allows us to treat, on a daily basis, all the pathologies that our athletes may incur. For example, in these days, we had the opportunity to deal with a National football player to intervene on a contracture. The device will also accompany us in the upcoming trips and I’m sure it will make a difference, allowing us to intervene on the field with a whole complete range of technologies”.

FSCG---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo Jay-McCarthy-BORA-hansgrohe---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo2 FSCg---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo3

Eric Bouvat, AG2R LA MONDIALE team’s medical manager
“Recovery after effort is a key factor in performance: massage and also tecartherapy are preferentially used after each race. Moreover, cycle sport causes acute trauma in case of crashes but also chronic trauma because of a muscle tendon hyper stimulation. That’s why therapeutic management has to involve, the use on its own or in association of the tecar, ultrasounds, laser, and electrotherapy. So, we decided to use a transportable equipment with all these functions to be optimally equipped at any time during our travels.”

FSCG---trattamento-con-Polyter-Evo Polyter-Evo Polyter-Evo

Tomasz Pieczko, physiotherapist of Polish men’s national volleyball team
“The more evident advantages of EME equipment are certainly to be found in its practical use and its portability. We have different machines in one single modular case and this makes a huge difference during our long travels around the world. We are a professional volleyball team and we have to care about our health and our bodies, especially when we play various games in a row and compete in the biggest tournaments. Our athletes need to recover as quickly as possible. For this reason, having different technologies at our disposal for us means always having the best on every occasion.”

Polyter-Evo Polyter-Evo Polyter-Evo

Geert Beirnaert, LOTTO SOUDAL team’s physiotherapist
“Polyter Evo is a very fuctional and easy to use device. It’s easy to carry and this is important in professional cycling because we travel all around the world. 3 strenght points are: flexibility, versatility and compactness. We use it to treat inflammations, for the preparation and relaxation of the tissues before before the manual therapy.”

An innovative software guides the therapist during the treatment, thanks to the many “help” windows and the different stored protocols to guarantee excellent results.

With the MULTITHERAPY MODE, Polyter Evo recognizes the inserted modules and for a given pathology, it suggests a sequential operating protocol,
with two or more technologies, according to the modules available in the device. With the COMBINED MODE it’s possible to use ultrasound and electrotherapy in the same time.

Build your own ideal Polyter Evo!

  • Module Electrotherapy

    • 2 indipendent output
    • 25 low and medium frequency wave forms, Iono, Tens
    • Synchronous functioning of the two output channels
    • Functioning: Constant voltage, constant current
    • Checking of electrodes (electrodes test)
    • Open circuit alarm
  • Module High Power Laser

    • Wavelength 980 nm
    • Maximum power 4 W
    • Frequency from 100 Hz to 10 000 Hz
    • Continuous or pulsed emission mode
    • Defocused laser probe with optical fibre
    • 3 poles interlock
    • Laser safety goggles
  • Module Low Power Laser

    • Wavelength 905 nm
    • Frequency: 200 Hz to 10,000 Hz
    • Included probe ML1/25
    • Automatic measurement of the fluence
    • Generator with the possibility to pilot probes with single or multiple diodes
    • Automatic recognition of the probe
    • Contact detector and real time
    • Interlock
    • Laser safety goggles
  • Module Tecar

    • Capacitive/resistive mode
    • Power up to 200 W
    • Operating mode: Athermy, Normothermia, Hyperthermia
  • Module Ultrasound

    • One channel
    • Multifrequency probe 1/3 Mhz with integrated contact detector
    • Continuous and pulsed operating mode
    • Automatic recognition of the probe
  • Module Magnetotherapy

    • 1 channel
    • Power up to 100 Gauss
    • Frequency up to 100 Hz
    • Continuous and pulsed operating mode (Duty Cycle)

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