People resort to physiotherapist primarily to defeat the pain, in most cases as a result of a trauma or an accident.

Evaluating the different techniques and operational methods, the therapist must be able to convey the value of treatment to the customer and invite him to behaviors that can help to improve healing and prevent future problems.
A new patient can take time to have complete trust in his therapist. The secret is to always be clear from the first session.

No methodology is miraculous and you must convey the concept that unfortunately to “heal” it takes time and perseverance, and that there is not one only solution method.

For example, there may be those who have uncertainties to undergo to electromedical treatments devices like endodiathermy. The therapist have to explain the added value of a physiotherapy technology therapy.

In which way?

  • Explain that it is a technology that stimulates the endogenous heat of the tissue to induce beneficial processes such as local microcirculation and the analgesic effect.
  • Illustrate that is the only technology with the laser able of reaching the deep tissues, that its effect is totally different from any massage or manipulation.
  • Communicate timing and success stories for the same treated disease. Having positive experiences and telling them will definitely improve the perception that your patient has of you.
  • Have a holistic approach to the problem: it’s ok to use a physiotherapy technology, but it is better also to suggest all the behaviors that the patient must have in everyday life to help the healing process.
  • Show Certifications and compliance of the device used for treatment.